Mold – We’ve Got It Covered Before It Covers Everything!

Moisture, humidity, and darkness are all that mold needs to grow in your home or business. Mold is more than unsightly, it can also be harmful to your health. While not all forms of mold are dangerous and detrimental, many can have irritating effects on the human body. To minimize the potential of clean-up mistakes, call ServiceMaster by Hedden & Superior Construction Services. From start to finish, our certified technicians will provide complete mold remediation to your property.
Common mold hotspots include bathrooms and kitchens, as well as roofs, windows, and pipes where leaks can occur. After discovering a leak, it is crucial to have a professional inspect it to determine the extent of the water damage and prevent or treat the mold growth.
When mold grows, it releases spores into the air that attach to anything they can find. Because mold is airborne, it is often irritating to the lungs when inhaled and can cause allergy or asthma symptoms to flare up. Mold in your home or business should be investigated and taken care of by our trained professionals.
Our process for water and mold removal involves steps that are proven to bring success. Our technicians assess each unique situation to determine the extent of the growth and damage, then remove moldy material and contents, while also providing temporary storage for damaged items. Our Technicians then get to work doing air quality control and cleaning for the spores, making sure to sanitize and apply anti-microbial solutions to surfaces. Once the mold threat has been removed and treated, our seamless service provides you with repairs and reconstruction capabilities to complete the project. The entire process is done with unparalleled quality and speed to satisfy your needs and quickly get you back to your normal, everyday life.

Our Mold Services Include
· Full inspection & moisture assessment
· Removal of moldy materials & contents
· Air quality control & cleaning
· Sanitization & anti-microbial application
· Temporary storage for damaged contents
· Reconstruction & repair

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