Our Sales Support Team is Here For You

Our Sales Support Team (SST) will most likely be the first contact a homeowner speaks with when they call in their claim. SST is a pivotal part of the company, working with all departments, from Business Development Representatives to Project Managers to Technicians. They ensure all job documentation is accurate, uploaded to our software correctly, and meets our Insurance Company Standards. Based on the perimeters of the claim, an SST member will schedule a highly-experienced Project Manager and Technician to work with the homeowner to ensure that the job is being taken care smoothly and efficiently.

We understand that when a homeowner calls in a claim, they may be feeling distraught and overwhelmed, which is why our SST members are highly-trained in customer service and have a firm understanding of project management. Before a homeowner even gets off the phone with our team, they should feel comfort in knowing their claim is being handled and by expert professionals in the industry. ServiceMaster & Superior Construction Services provides 24/7 services, which means, no matter the time or day, an SST member will be available to answer any questions a homeowner may have on their claim or to file a new claim.

The National Accounts and SRM Clerk, is a SST member who specifically handles our SRM national accounts for our company’s large loss divisions. They provide support to our traveling crews – from setting up jobs and receiving packets for entry into our company’s software, to coordinating crew schedules for inspections for catastrophic events. No matter the distance, this position works closely with the staff that is out in the field, gathering the information and documentations they need to manage and ensure job is completed accurately.

Without our SST department, it would be very difficult to complete any job – big or small. Their hard work and dedication provide our company, staff, and customers with unparalleled service.

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