Smoke After The Fire

Encountering a fire in your home or business is never something we anticipate. Smoke damage caused by a fire can be devastating to your personal property and building structure, which is why quick action is the only way to help minimize the destruction. Learn how fast fire and smoke damage can affect your property.

Minutes after a fire
• Acidic soot starts staining affected surfaces of your property
• Absorbent materials will become discolored

Hours after a fire
• Metal begins to rust and deteriorate
• Paint on the walls start to yellow
• Clothing can permanently stain
• Wood furniture and detailing may require refinishing
• Flooring may need replacement

Within weeks, if property is left untreated
• Soot exposure will permanently harm surfaces and embed in fibers
• The best option may be to replace the property entirely
• Structure will continue to deteriorate if not correctly restored
• Restoration will take longer, and the cost will rise significantly

To help minimize the destruction, get all affected surfaces of your home cleaned and treated immediately after the fire is put out. At ServiceMaster by Hedden, our IICRC certified Technicians are prepared 24/7 to provide fast, professional, and efficient services to our customers.

Our Fire Damage, Smoke & Odor Services
• 24/7/365 emergency board up and site security
• Emergency pre-cleaning to high-risk materials
• Full inspection and job scope
• Complete smoke and soot removal
• Ozone and air quality control
• Dry out of wet areas due to fire control
• Electronic inventory control
• Reconstruction and repair

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