SRM – The Team That Heads Towards Hurricanes

This past summer, Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico were hit with devastating hurricanes. Hurricane Harvey (Texas), Irma (Florida), and Maria (Puerto Rico) damaged many homes and businesses, leaving thousands of people to clean up after the destruction.

The day before Harvey hit, our SRM team left to help in the cleanup effort. Sixteen crew members, plus 40 laborers have moved from Harvey to Irma, and are on their way to Maria to continue the restoration of these catastrophic losses. Flood mitigation, removing and drying wet debris, and cleaning and sanitizing contents are some of the many large tasks they have worked on while at these locations. In the month and a half our crew has been gone, they have worked day and night cleaning and restoring over 40 properties in Texas and Florida.

Besides the wind and rain, they have had to deal with many other challenges. Several of the locations were flooded, which meant they had to walk through high waters just to get to their job sites. Fuel, power, food, and clean water were some essentials they had to prepare to have before even leaving for their destinations. But the biggest challenge they face, has nothing to do with the actual job, it is being away from home and their families for months. Because of the severity of these losses, our team is projected to be working at these job locations through the holidays.

We would like to send a huge THANK YOU to our SRM team for continually working so hard and sacrificing so much to help in the efforts to clean up after these hurricanes.

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