In March 2018, our company was notified that our SRM Production Supervisor, Eric Larson, was diagnosed with brain cancer. Eric has been an essential part of our company, working in our disaster restoration division for the past ten years. He has worked on many large loss jobs for our company, including, cleanup and restoration efforts during the hurricanes in Texas and Florida. Eric’s position requires him to travel out of state, so he is away from his family for months at a time.

After being diagnosed, he was told he could not work until further notice. Eric’s coworkers and managers know how much he loves his job and how expensive medical treatment would be for this diagnosis, so they quickly rallied together, and ServiceMaster by Hedden & Superior Construction Services decided to host a benefit event to help raise money for Eric and his family.

Word of this event quickly spread throughout social media and donations came pouring through our doors. ServiceMasters in varies locations, vendors, coworkers, Eric’s friends and family and even complete strangers who just wanted to help were donating money and gifts to this event.

The benefit took place at the Look Out Bar and Grill in Maple Grove on April 14, 2018. What should have been a beautiful Spring day, was one of the worst snowfalls Minnesota saw all year, but that didn’t stop us from putting on a great event! Over 200 people showed up to support Eric, and we raffled and auctioned off over 45 prizes throughout the night. The event was such a success that you wouldn’t have even known there was a snow emergency outside.

In the end, our efforts helped raise over $13,000 from the benefit alone, and we helped drive donations to Eric’s Go Fund Me page which now exceeds over $11,000. Eric and his family are eternally grateful to all those who donated and continue support him through this tough time.

Want to donate? Go to Eric’s Go Fund Me Page.

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