The New Wave of Cleaning Technology

ServiceMaster by Hedden & Superior Construction Services is excited to announce that we have new equipment in our Maple Grove facility, the Fireline Content Restoration System. This system uses cutting-edge technology that provides consistently high-quality cleaning results for high-volume production.
After a fire or water loss occurs, our packout specialists will remove contents from a home or business, carefully place them into marked storage crates, and monitor the contents using internal tracking technology. The items are then brought back to our storage space where our highly-trained technicians thoroughly clean them to their pre-loss condition.
The Fireline Content Restoration System is known for its reliability and performance characteristics using the latest advancements in high component technology. From valuable keepsakes items tarnished by water damage to tools and picture frames that smell like smoke, the ultrasonic cleaning technology gently and thoroughly cleans both hard and delicate items without causing damage.
Ultrasonic cleaning removes impurities like soot, mold, and rust more effectively than traditional cleaning methods. We at ServiceMaster by Hedden & Superior Construction Services know how important our customer’s belongings are to them, which is why it is essential for us to have such top-of-the-line equipment. The Fireline system is gentle on belongings, environmentally friendly – using only green detergents and controlled ultrasonic cleaning frequencies. The Fireline System provides superior cleaning by removing foreign materials quickly and efficiently resulting in fast turnaround times.
Valuable items that were previously considered non-restorable can now be cleaned and restored. This lessens environmental waster, reduces expenses, and can help expand a home or business owner’s restoration budgets. We are excited and proud to offer this cleaning technology in-house to our customers.

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