When Severe Storms Strike, We’re Here to Help!

This past summer, severe storms created flood and wind damage throughout western Wisconsin. On August 29th, a state of emergency was initiated due to the damaging winds, downpour, flooding, and tornadoes. The storms left countless residents without power and many homes and businesses severely damaged.

The worst of the storm started August 20th and continued into the morning hours. The effects of the storm caused problems throughout the following weeks. Within the first 24 hours, our team received over 300 calls for service. More calls poured in over the course of the week. Our team was eager to get to work and help home and business owners get their lives back in order as fast as possible.

Calls were taken in and scheduled to our Project Managers based on damage and urgency. A ServiceMaster expert kept in constant contact with customers, giving those with minimal damage advice on what they could do to prevent further damage while they were waiting for service.

During the month of August, there wasn’t much dry time in between storms, so most of the calls received were due to flood damage. All floors and walls at each property had to be thoroughly inspected by our trained technicians to identify all affected areas that needed to be mitigated.

Our team rallied together, with all hands on deck to meet the needs of our customers. They worked around the clock, providing each loss the attention, expertise, and quality service needed to help our customers recover after these severe storms. We appreciated how understanding and patient our customers were during this widespread catastrophic event.

From this experience, the biggest recommendation to our customers would be to speak with their insurance providers about flood insurance – you never know when you will need it!

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