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Emergency Power Generator Services in Minnesota

For your commercial building, any downtime during a disaster restoration project means that more money is coming out of your pocket. Moreover, your products or services themselves might not be functional without a power source. ServiceMaster DSI can provide emergency power to your facility that will help you keep your business up and running in the aftermath of a disaster.

If you are in Minnesota without power and/or heat and do not have the necessary equipment to hold you over until it comes back on, we have the capabilities to provide you with a temporary solution. Here are the ways we can supply your business with power and heat:

  • Portable Generators
  • Temporary Indoor Lighting and Outlets
  • Temporary Air Conditioners
  • Temporary Heat

Any downtime can be extremely costly for a business. Furthermore, your products or services might not be operative without a power source. ServiceMaster DSI can provide emergency power to your place of business that will help you keep it running.

ServiceMaster DSI has significant experience in the setting up of all of this equipment to make sure your regular lives aren’t impacted any further from damage caused to your building. Our portable generators will be loaned to you for as long as you need them, and we have all of the state of the art equipment to give you the proper lighting needed for your structure in case of a power outage.

We know how important your personal comfort is. This is why we provide temporary heating and air conditioning units to keep things comfortable while you await any necessary repairs to be fixed. When you work with ServiceMaster DSI, you’re receiving services that make sure your life carries on normally when faced in stressful situations.

Our emergency power services are not only limited to providing electricity to your commercial space. In addition to making temporary power available with our generator rentals, we can provide temporary climate control equipment and light towers to maintain the needs of vital facilities such as hospitals.

If you are in need of temporary emergency power services, do not hesitate to contact ServiceMaster DSI.


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